Sharayah's BookShelf

What better way to get to know someone than to peek at their bookshelf?

Come As You Are

By: Emily Nagoski, Ph. D.

The sex therapist nerd in me loves this book as it explains many things I try to explain to my clients on a weekly basis but this author says it so well! I recommend this book often to men and women who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of how women work not just sexually but also emotionally.

The Four Agreements

By: Don Ruiz

This book is one that has stuck with me for years but I never would have picked up if a mentor had not made me. It is more "hippie dippy" than most other things I read. The topic challenges the way I look at many situations while helping me practice a healthier view of the world around me. I recommend this book to clients who are struggling with rigid thinking but not to those with trauma.

The Whole-Brain Child

By: Daniel Siegel

All parents should read this book, and all people who have parents should read this book. When working with a client struggling to understand their child's reactions, I often find myself quoting this book. If you want to understand how your brain is wired and responds to stressful situations, this is a great way to start.