Atlas Therapy

  • Provides professional, trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health services delivered with skill, integrity, focus, and authenticity

  • Recognizes each client's uniqueness, and empowers them to overcome challenges, achieve personal goals, and enhance occupational and family life

  • Supports the growth and improvement of the mental health field in Indianapolis by being an example of a progressive, flexible private practice

Sharayah Tornquist, LMHC

Sharayah (she/her) is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist with over 10 years experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. Sharayah is prepared to address a variety of mental health concerns including: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, adjustment, and childhood diagnoses. Her counseling approach stems from a variety of theories including Cognitive-Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, and Gestalt. She has also completed certification in sex therapy, which has given her experience with all types of sexual dysfunctions in adults and children. She provides a safe and trusting environment while helping clients work through difficult issues affecting their lives.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to individuals (12+). Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each client and may include a variety of therapy models such as Cognitive Behavioral and client centered approaches. Client engagement is encouraged through suggested activities during and between sessions. Sharayah's therapy style is direct and supportive. Sharayah is an active part of the therapy process giving the individual ideas, perspective, resources, and activities to reach their goals.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is provided to individuals (12+) and couples. Sessions may address presenting issues such as low desire, pain, erectile dysfunction, gender identity, trauma, and intimacy. During sex therapy, individuals and couples are carefully assessed to understand the whole picture of contributing factors and educated about functioning and expectations. Then, generally, weekly homework is given to practice and discuss at the next session. Homework is tailored to the goal of the client but might include a communication topic with partner, a journaling assignment, or a physical touch exercise.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is provided to master's level clinicians pursuing licensure in Indiana (LMFT/LMHC) or certification in sex therapy. Supervisees can expect me to: maintain expertise in specific research-based clinical practices, teach research-based clinical practices and protocols, serve as a role model and clinical resource, assist in determining appropriate interventions to aid clients in reaching their treatment goals, offer input regarding performance, assist in preparing documentation (letters to court, evaluations and professional correspondence), and demonstrate familiarity with best practices for a variety of client populations.

Additionally, I offer services to external agencies and the community through consultation and education. Contact me for more information about my in-services and trainings.


  • Intake session: $160

  • Ongoing sessions (individual/family/virtual session): $140

  • Court appearance (half day/4 hours minimum): $600 + mileage

  • Casework services (letter writing, consultation, etc.): $100/per hour, billed by quarter of hour

  • No show fee/Cancel without 24 hour notice: $75

  • Supervision Hour: $50

  • Presentation: varies by topic, length, etc.

  • Some insurances are accepted, services may be subject to deductibles, and copays are due at time of service.

Effective 3/1/2021. Payment will be collected at the time of service.